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Thanksgiving tips from your friendly family dentist

November 27, 2023

What could be more comforting than gathering around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends? The classic Norman Rockwell image of a dinner table laden with a golden-hued turkey and all the trimmings is burned into our collective memories. And those desserts afterward! 

Your friendly family dentist at Dr. Alan J. Rosenthal wishes our patients a happy Thanksgiving, and wants to offer a few simple tips to ensure that your holiday indulgences don’t come at the expense of your oral health.

  • If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, whether across the country or across town, make sure to pack along a travel-sized toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste and floss. Don’t let holiday celebrations interfere with your oral care routine, whether at home or on the road!
  • Take your time! Chewing slowly and carefully aids not only digestion but stimulates saliva, which helps clean your teeth and wash away bacteria.
  • Make smart choices when it comes to snacking. During a holiday that’s loaded with sweet temptations, look for ways to cut down on your sugar intake by avoiding candies and cookies, instead opting for selections like fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and cheese.
  • Fill up on turkey, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, they’re the healthiest choices on the typical holiday table. 
  • Starches get converted to sugar, so eliminate or cut down on bread, rolls, stuffing and potatoes. 
  • Holiday staples like pumpkin pie, syrupy cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and brown sugar are all high on the cavity producers list. 
  • Go easy on the wine, which not only stains teeth but weakens the tooth’s protective enamel. Water, especially if it contains fluoride, is the drink of choice for the holidays and year-round. 
  • Schedule a followup visit or cleaning with our dentist at Dr. Alan J. Rosenthal after the holidays. There’s no better way to protect those precious pearly whites than regular professional exams and cleanings. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our entire staff! We look forward to seeing you soon!